Custom roll design and fabrication is a normal service for REMCO Machinery.

REMCO Machinery is proud of our ability to offer unique services such as reclad of stainless steel rolls, polishing and regrinding of rubber rolls. REMCO will repair the journals of rubber rolls while saving the rubber covering.

REMCO Machinery’s growing reputation for building quality rolls is in large part because of our over 35¬†years of roll design knowledge and having the proper equipment. All rolls are documented on CAD files for future use.

List of Roll Types:

  • Urethane Delivery Rolls
  • Rubber Squeeze Rolls
  • Chrome Plated Rolls
  • Stainless Steel Rolls
  • Teflon Coated Rolls
  • 10 ton Pad Rolls
  • Bowed Rolls
  • Spreader Rolls
  • Lease Rolls
  • Aluminum Guide Rolls
  • Slasher Press Rolls
  • Water Cooled Rolls
  • Steam Heated Rolls
  • Non-Deflecting Rolls

List of Roll Services:

  • Rubber Regrinding
  • Teflon Coating
  • Balancing
  • Polishing
  • Replace Broken Shafts
  • Hardened Roll Reclading
  • Section Beam Repair
  • CAD Design and Deflection Calculation
  • Custom Roll Design
  • High Strength Shaft Material
  • Proper Bearing Fits
  • Pick-up and Delivery Service